This FAQ Page is dedicated to answer some “General” question like: What is SARPnet, What is SaaS, What Hardware you need to run SARPnet and other useful information to get you started.

We also have “Dedicated FAQ/Video Pages” for our existing clients (The Sheriff), their Assistants (Sheriff-Employees) and Attorneys/Legal (Sheriff-Clients) available here.

SARPnet (Pty) Ltd

Company Information

Registered Name: SARPnet (Pty) Ltd
Registration Number: 2013/043825/07
Trading Name: SARPnet (Pty) Ltd

Contact Information

T: 012 348 1302  |  F: 086 211 0333
M: 071 881 8347  |  E: contact via email

Physical Address

318 The Hillside Street, Lynnwood, Pretoria
318 The Hillside Building, 4th Floor, Unit 417

Banking Details

Account Name: SARPNET
Account Number: 62420543119
Account Type: Business / Commercial
Bank: FNB
Branch: Woodlands

Industry & Product Information


Cloud Service Provider
– SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
– – Office Management Software
– – – The Sheriff of the Court (South Africa)

Products / Solutions

SARPnet (OMS) – Office Management System (Sheriff Software) V-2.0
SARPnet (AMS) – Auction Management System (OMS Add-on) V-2.0
SARPnet (DC) – Distribution Calculator (OMS Add-on) V-2.0
SARPnet Email Accounts – Free Unlimited Email Account (Sheriff)
SARPnet Fax2Email – Free “Fax Number” linked to “Email Account” (Sheriff)

Copyright / Intellectual Property

© Oct 2012 Paul van der Merwe
© Mar 2013 SARPnet (Pty) Ltd

Software / Data Location

Jurisdiction / Law: South Africa
Service Provider: Hetzner
Data Center: Data Centre Park in Samrand
Backup: Cape Town


SARPnet – “Micro” Sheriff Adoption Program
SARPnet – Sheriff Directory (Search Engine)

Development & Testing Information

Software Development

Date Range: 05 Dec 2012 (start) – 20 Feb 2015 (end)
Total: 808 Days (Less 115 Sat, 115 Sun & 27 Holidays)
= 551 True Development Days
@ An average of 4.5 hours per day
= 2 480 True Development Hours

Software Testing

Date Range: 01 Mar 2013 (start) – 01 Mar 2015 (end of 2 Year Testing Period)
* 731 Days (Less 105 Sat, 105 Sun & 23 Holidays)
= 498 True Testing “Working” Days
@ An average of 6.5 hours per day
By: 4 Test Offices / 14 Assistants (using only SARPnet full-time)
= 3 237 True Testing “Working” Hours (days converted to hours)

Accumulated Service Delivery Hours / Testing
6.5 hours x 498 days x 14 employees = 45 318 “accumulated” hours

See our Statistics page for more interesting figures & facts.

Founder & Copyright Information

Founder / CEO

Paul van der Merwe
T: 071 881 8347  |  E: contact via email
(more information will be published soon)
SARPnet Paul QR Code

Copyright / Intellectual Property

© Oct 2012 Paul van der Merwe
© Mar 2013 SARPnet (Pty) Ltd
– All Rights Reserved.

What is (SaaS) Software as a Service?

SaaS, Software as a Service

SaaS is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service. Software as a Service allows organizations to access business functionality at a cost typically less than paying for licensed applications since SaaS pricing is typically based on a monthly fee or usage fee. Also, because the software is hosted remotely, users don’t need to invest in additional hardware. Software as a Service removes the need for organizations to handle the installation, set-up and often daily upkeep and maintenance. The Cloud (or SaaS) model has no physical need for indirect distribution since it is not distributed physically and is deployed almost instantaneously – read more

In other words – The SARPnet Software is located on a computer system with advanced hardware & software configurations needed to run the SARPnet Software. Therefore you (the Sheriff) don’t need specific computer hardware & software configurations to use the SARPnet software. It also doesn’t matter whether you use a state-of-the-art computer, Apple or cheap laptop, as long as you have internet connection – you can work. Since your Returns will be shared with Attorney all over South Africa (each with their own type of computer hardware & software configurations), they too just need internet to access their account on your platform.

Just because the SARPnet – Sheriff Software is accessed through the internet does not mean it is somewhere in cyberspace, unstable or risky. It is actually hosted on a server dedicated to only SARPnet. Located in a secure Data-Center in Samrand (Johannesburg) South Africa … read more under security.

What is SARPnet (OMS, AMS & DC)

SARPnet (OMS), (AMS) and (DC)

SARPnet (OMS), (AMS) and (DC) are SaaS Solutions (Cloud Services) available from SARPnet (Pty) Ltd. to the Sheriff of the Court (South Africa), also known as SARPnet Sheriff Software.


SARPnet – Office Management Software for the Sheriff
AKA – “OMS”, SARPnet Office Management System, SARPnet Registration / Return Management Platform or just plain SARPnet Platform / Main Platform.

The “OMS” is a complex software package with various functions, features and benefits that will enable you to provide a professional service. This is the Main Application used by the Sheriff (+ Assistants) to manage: Registrations, Returns, Law Firms, Attorneys, Financial Accounts, Employees and Reports.


SARPnet – Auction Management Software for the Sheriff
AKA – “AMS”, SARPnet Auction Management System, SARPnet Auction Platform

The SARPnet (AMS) is an “add-on” product to compliment the SARPnet (OMS).
Since not all Sheriff’s manage or do their own auctions (outsource), we have decided to make this an optional extra. By keeping it separate from the “OMS” we were able to bring the costing of the “OMS” down.

The “AMS” is a complete Auction Management System with various functions and features to manage or produce: Buyer Registration, Deposits & Refunds, Lot Numbers, Case Vendu Reports, Buyer Invoices, Auction Vendu Rolls, Fees and more.

SARPnet (DC)

SARPnet Distribution Calculator – AKA “DC”, Distribution Calculator or SARPnet Calculator.
The SARPnet (DC) is an “add-on” product to compliment the SARPnet (OMS) and is sold separately. This Calculator is specifically designed to do complex distribution calculations.

Why use SARPnet ?

Why SARPnet ?

SARPnet’s SaaS Products were designed to offer you (the Sheriff) the easiest possible software package available. We offer and maintain the best of technologies, security, compliance, time and money saving solutions.

We involved both the Sheriff(s), Attorney(s), Magistrate(s), Sheriff Assistant(s), Deputy(s), Auctioneers and various other legal experts in every step of the development process. We addressed a clear list of specific time & money wasting issues (processes), Risks (theft, internal fraud, backup solutions, etc) and Compliance Standards (Legislation).

Peace of mind

Knowing that your Data is being back-up on a daily basis and access to your software is available from anywhere in the world on any computer system with internet connection should be enough of a reason to use SARPnet. Should anything happen to your computers (fire, flood, theft, etc), you can just put down a new one and carry on working. No waiting for software re-installation or trying to restore or recover your old data, etc.

Return Archiving (Digital/Online)

SARPnet’s fast Return Finding, Instant Online Return Sharing and 5 (7) Year Archiving Solutions is just some of the major benefits and savings you will enjoy! There is no need for office “storage” space dedicated to return archiving and also no expense required to have your Returns scanned and archive digitally by any 3rd party either.

Focus on the Future

You will be joining & supporting a dedicated organisation who is constantly researching and developing new features to enable you to provide a professional service. We have already identified and started research & development on 3 new (major) functions. These new functions will: increase deputy productivity, increase reliability & accuracy of deputy returns, minimize fraud / corruption in certain areas, etc. We are certainly going to challenge some “out-dated” industry work flow processes. Join us!

SARPnet Harware Requirements

Hardware Requirements?

Since SARPnet’s SaaS Solutions is could based, all you need is a Computer (PC, Laptop or Apple Mac) with Internet Connection (ADSL / 3G / WIFI). There is no special software installation required and no data will be stored on the computer you use. That said … here is our preferred setup for best layout (ease of use) and speed (productivity).

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 (17 inch screen)
Internet Connection: ADSL (via Direct Cable)
Browser: Firefox (Free) from Mozilla Foundation – Download

System Memory & CPU is not that important as the processing of data is done on the SARPnet Servers.

Alternative Solutions

Screen Resolution: Any (SARPnet’s Software is Responsive in design and will fit on any screen size (resolution) … a smaller screen might have impact on productivity).
Internet Connection: WIFI or 3G. Where possible: have the device of choice connected to your Computer via direct cable OR limit the distance between devices on WIFI connections. What we use in our test office(s): 1xADSL Router with 5 Computers connected to that router via WIFI (25 Meters Max). For backup purposes (load-shedding, offsite working, etc) 3G devices are being used. Note: A Single 3G device which allows for 5 computer to be connected via WIFI will work for a small office – signal quality and strength in your area is very important.
Browser: Safari (Apple), Google Chrome (PC), Opera or Internet Explorer (IE 8 and up).

Data Ownership

Data Ownership

As SARPnet is only the Service Provider (Software Provider). All data entered into, captured or processed on the SARPnet SaaS Solutions belongs to the Data Owner (The Sheriff of the Court – South Africa).

Explained – SARPnet provides a platform (software application) on which the Sheriff enter (capture) data for the purpose of document and financial accounts management / sharing – needed to deliver a professional service. To a certain degree the SARPnet Platform does process and generate additional data and or information from the captured data – this generated data also belongs to the Data Owner (Sheriff). Generated information is only simplified reports and financial account summaries – The SARPnet software does not alter or add any content to the captured data.


SARPnet does not own the “Data” or “Processed / Generated Data” and will not be held responsible for the contents thereof.

Access to Data

Access to Data

There are various access to data configurations. In this section we will explain who have access to what and who control the access to that.

SARPnet provide the Sheriff with Access to his / her own Office Management System. The Sheriff has Administrator (Key Master) Rights. On 1st login the Sheriff change their password and take Full Control of their account.

The Sheriff is the “Data-Owner” and Administrator of Access-to-Data. The Sheriff control all access to their Sheriff Software and select which employee has access to what function – like, capturing payments, cancel returns, etc. (part of internal fraud prevention).

The Client(s) of the Sheriff (Attorneys / Legal Persons) also have access to data, but only to their own data (returns / cases). They can not enter any data into the system – only view, print, download, etc. Attorney access is provided by the Sheriff / Sheriff Employees. Usernames & Passwords are auto generated by the Sheriff Software Application for security reasons.

SARPnet does have access to all data, but only use the access to data for the purpose of: Technical Support, Maintenance, System Performance Monitoring and New Feature Planning. In other words … should the Sheriff report a problem or submit a new idea, SARPnet (Pty) Ltd. will access the data to find (solve) the problem / research the viability and impact of new ideas and future functions, based or information gathered.

Data Privacy & Protection

Privacy & Protection

We are familiar with the POPI Act and other “security of information” acts and will do everything to our ability to protect the SARPnet Software, Captured Data, Generated Data and Files. Non of SARPnet’s SaaS Solutions collect or manage any credit card information, nor does it own, manage or operate any online payment system. Please read more about this under Security & Responsibilities.

Data Sharing

Data Sharing

SARPnet (Pty) Ltd will not share any “Data-Owner Data” including but not limited to: “any case content, any return content, any contact information of any party or client, any captured data, any generated data, any files and or any financial records” with any 3rd party whatsoever.

As SARPnet (PTY) Ltd. is not the “Data-Owner” of the “Data” on the SARPnet Platform (SaaS Solutions), only a Court Order will receive our attention to participate in the matter of sharing.

* Should SARPnet be order by a Court to present or prepare any information, both the SARPnet Legal Team and Data-Owner will be notified. They will also be invited to assist in the matter and or give their consent and or state their concerns.

Server Security

SARPnet’s Dedicated Server

SARPnet (Pty) Ltd selected Hetzner (Pty) Ltd as our Hosting Service Provider. All our SaaS Solutions are hosted on a Dedicated “SARPnet” Server, located in South Africa with a 99.9% Network Uptime Service Level Guarantee. Read more (below) about the Hetzner Data Center where our Dedicated Server is located:


24/7 security presence with CCTV camera surveillance • Biometric access is installed on all access points • A high voltage electric fence provides perimeter security.


Fully redundant, physically separated A+B feeds provide power to the facility • A single utility power feed can be disconnected without interruption to service • Equipment with a single power supply also benefits from this redundancy through our sophisticated static transfer switch design • UPS backup and a standby generator on each feed provides further resilience.

Fire Protection

The facility has fire detection through Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA).

Climate Control

N+2 redundancy on our air conditioning units • When ambient temperature allows for it, we make use of direct free cooling • This significantly reduces our power consumption and carbon footprint.


EOH Carrier Services and Internet Solutions are our primary bandwidth providers • Using two network providers significantly increases Hetzner’s network resilience • Connectivity is provided through diverse, redundant fibre routes connecting the facility to a 10Gbps fibre ring.

System Monitoring

We monitor all aspects of our hosting platform and key infrastructure equipment. The system proactively alerts our team of technicians when necessary.

Firewall Security


A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. Firewalls can be implemented in both hardware and software, or a combination of both. Firewalls are frequently used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet, especially intranets. All messages entering or leaving the intranet pass through the firewall, which examines each message and blocks those that do not meet the specified security criteria.

For our own security and the protection of the SARPnet Software and Data, we can not provide to much information on what exactly we have in place. We can however state that combined hardware and software security configurations are in place to limit, monitor and prevent cyber attacks. We are constantly revising various security policies and risks to ensure updated protection.

Access Control (SARPnet)

Access Control

For even more security, we also make use of Access Control with User Rights Policies on the software side of things. In plain English … this is a combination of usernames & passwords with advanced settings and control for certain user roles.

For Example: an Attorney only have read, print and download “Rights’ … so by logging in with his/her username & password – the system will check his/her “policy” and only allow him/her access to – what he/she is allowed to see and the functions he/she may use.

These Policies are build into our software for specific predefined user types and automated for ease of use. No technical knowledge or configuration required by the Sheriff or Sheriff Employees.

Access Control (Sheriff) & OTP

Sheriff (Key-Master & Data Owner)

As Data-Owner and Key-Master, the Sheriff have full control over all access. Should an employee be considered a “risk” or for whatever reason should be prevented from accessing the Sheriff Software, his/her access can be revoked with the click of a button.

The Sheriff can also control the functions and or rights of each employee. This is an internal fraud prevention feature that has been build into the SARPnet system after we discovered and researched fraudulent activities in the industry.

As Key-Master and Data-Owner, the Sheriff should ensure their passwords are strong and kept private at all times.

SARPnet is currently working on a second layer authentication / notification system that will alert the Sheriff if someone tries to access their Admin Account using their login credentials. In the near future the Sheriff will login using their username & password, then a OTP (one time pin) will be sent to the Sheriffs mobile phone. Access will only be provided once the OTP has been entered into the system.

Password Recovery

Forgot your Password ?

With so many password to remember these days it is easy to forget that super secure or weird password, but we have an advanced build-in solution for easy password recovery. Should you change your password (for those who have the control to do so), please use a strong password combination that include: uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters for better security. Sample: ABC123abc$ (please don’t use this)

Sheriff Password Recovery

SARPnet provided you with a username & password on account activation and you were requested to change your password after your 1st login. SARPnet can’t retrieve or see your new password and you will have to use the: Automated SARPnet Password Recovery System for Sheriffs. This system will send your password to the registered email address on your account. Should you have any problems, SARPnet can reset your password for you, but you will have to change it again after 1st login.

Sheriff-Employee Password Recovery

Your Boss (The Sheriff) is the Key-Master and created your account for you. Please ask him/her to reset your password for you. Alternatively you can use the: Automated SARPnet Password Recovery System for Sheriffs. The system will sent your password to the registered email address on your account.

Sheriff-Client (Attorney) Password Recovery

Please take note: Although Sheriff X invited you to use their SARPnet System, to access (view, print or download) your Returns, they can’t see or provide you with your password … as your username & password was auto generated by the SARPnet System, due to security / compliance policies.

You will have to request your password using the: Automated SARPnet Password Recovery System for Attorneys. Your (Username) Unique User ID will be required by this system and your password will be sent to the registered email address for that account. Your Unique User ID look “something” like this: ###-CONTACT-00469 – where ### represents a specific Sheriff Office (abbreviation).

You will not be able to request any login information using a new (different) email address than the one registered on your account (security & compliance). Should you no longer have access to the registered email address as per your account, you can contact the relevant Sheriff for support.

Note: Each Sheriff provide you with a different username & password combination … SARPnet can merge your “multiple” username & password combinations by providing you with a master username & password – your request and information will however be verified with all involved parties. This will give you access to multiple Sheriff Accounts in 1 place.

Future Security & Compliance

Future Security & Compliance

Apart from the OTP (one time pin) the Sheriff will have to use in the very near future, we are working on various new security improvements and compliance solutions. This will include, but not be limited to: SSL Encryption on all Connections and Communications, Security Tokens and Geo Location Services.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Should you decide to use the SARPnet – Sheriff Software (SaaS Solution), you will receive and enjoy uninterrupted “24/7″ access to your Personal Sheriff Office Management System.

Access to this system is subject to your account being in good standing order – see Billing and Payment Procedures below for more information.

You agree to use the Sheriff Software only for the purpose it was designed for.
… As explained under FAQ – Technical Info – What is SARPnet (OMS, AMS & DC)

No part of the SARPnet SaaS Solutions – Sheriff Software (including but not limited to code, screenshots, login information, url’s, training videos, design, layout, features or functions) may be copied, cloned, shared or published in any format whatsoever.
© 2012-2015 SARPnet (Pty) Ltd – All rights reserved.

Billing Procedures

SARPnet Billing Procedures

Please note: This information is dedicated to the Sheriff of the Court – South Africa only and will answer the most frequently asked questions related to the costing of our services as laid out on the Pricing page.

SARPnet Billing Date

Sarpnet will invoice you on the 26th of every month. Your invoice will be available from within a dedicated billing section on your SARPnet “OMS” / the Main Platform and will also be emailed to you in PDF format on the 26th of every month.

SARPnet Billing Cycle

Our billing cycle is from the 26th of the previous month to the 25th of the current month.
Sample: on the 26th of October, we will bill you for the period 26 Sept to 25 Oct then again on 26th of Nov, you will be billed for the period 26 Oct to 25 Nov, etc.

SARPnet Billing Calculation

SARPnet (OMS) billing is based on usage “QTY” (Fixed ZAR x Number of Returns generated). This method of billing allows for fair billing between larger and smaller office – Both pay exactly the same R value per return generated.

Billing Calculations Explained:

When you start using SARPnet “OMS”, the first Return you generated start on #00001.  Assume you start using SARPnet on 01 Oct and by midnight on the 25th of Oct you last generated Return is #00175 – then you will be billed for 175 Returns. Then by midnight on 25th of Nov (the next month) your last generated invoice is 00999 – then you will be billed for 999 – 175 = 824 Returns. We do however make this easy for you by stating the Opening Return Number and Closing Return Number on your invoice.

ZAR (R3) Per Return Explained

At only R3 per Return, you will have to agree that we are not in this business for the money. If you don’t agree – have a look at this:

This is what we use your R3 for:

Let’s first discuss some of the benefits … you receive a free unlimited Email Account and a free Fax 2 Email Service (no more fax machine, paper, busy tel line, or email hosting fee). Then you get the Sheriff Software for free (no purchase price, setup fee or per user license agreement, or yearly fees). You also get Free online step-by-step video training (no flights, accommodation, or travel expenses for either SARPnet or your Employees). We can go on and talk about the risk reduction of daily back-ups made by us and more, but let’s do just 1 calculation.

If you take our (once-off) R3 and talk about Return Archiving (your 5-year Compliance Responsibility) and you compare that with current industry solutions or even the risk involved by storing it yourself, you will find it hard to prove us expensive.

Let’s see … If I take R3 and divide that by 5 years and then divide that by 12 months you will pay 0.05 cent per month for your Return to be archived online in digital format. Available to the Attorney directly 24/7 for 5 years.

Consider this: If you do 500 returns per month (small office). That is 6000 Returns per year. By year five you will have done 30 000 Returns. To try and find an Old Return in a manual filing system is going to waste a lot of your time and it will take up a lot of storage space. So the true alternative is to have it scanned and filed online by a 3rd party. You will have to pay them to do that and host those records. Does your Client then have access to his Returns? No … and what did it cost you?

So in truth – SARPnet is providing you with lots and lots of free stuff. Free Financial Account Management on a per Law Firm and per individual Attorney basis. With our Office Overview Report (build into “OMS”), you the Sheriff can immediately see what is going on in your whole office. How much is owed to you and by whom? How are your employees performing? How many returns are in Registration status? Where are those Processes now – with the Deputy, with the Typist, or in the Filing Cabinet? We can go on and on, but we are sure you are getting the bigger picture.

Payment Procedures

SARPnet Payment Terms

SARPnet’s Invoice is payable within 30 days after receipt thereof. Our banking details is available on the (PDF) Invoice you received & under the Billing Section of your “My Account Section” & under the Company Information Tab – FAQ Page & at the bottom of this page. We do not accept Cheques! Please pay via EFT or Cash Deposit at bank or ATM – Remember to use the correct Reference. IE: Sheriff (Jurisdiction) or Invoice Number

Proof of Payment & Reference

Proof of payment should be emailed to us on
Your Invoice Number should be used as reference.
Alternatively you can fax proof of payment to 086 211 0333

Banking Details

Account Name: P vd Merwe t/a SARPnet
Account Number: 629510192
Account Type: Savings
Bank: ABSA
Branch: Woodlands

Failure to Pay (28 Days)

Our invoices are processed and delivered on the 26 of every month. In time for month-end payment responsibilities. Should you however not pay within 28 Days after receipt of invoice (before next invoice) – your account will be temporarily suspended. During suspension you will not be able to use the SARPnet Sheriff Software.

* Your Client(s) (the Attorney) will still have access to their Returns on your Platform. They will not be suspended by SARPnet. Please note: You also have a suspension function – should you wish to suspend an Attorney. If you suspend an attorney and get suspended – the attorney will still not have access.

Termination / Cancellation

Account Cancellation / Termination

What to do – if you no longer want to make use the SARPnet Sheriff Software.
It is simple and easy – send us a mail.

We will ensure you receive an final updated bill to finalise the termination.
Once your account is paid up-to-date, we will deactivate your account and send you a CD containing all your Returns in PDF format.

Your client (the Attorney) will still have access to their returns (online on the SARPnet system) for 12 months. SARPnet will still keep your Returns in archiving for 5 years as per compliance policy.

Please note: The Free Email Account and Fax2Email number will also be terminated once you cancel / terminate your account – Alternative arrangements must be made with SARPnet should you wish to keep these active.

SARPnet Responsibilities

Being Reviewed – Please come back soon!

The Sheriff's Responsibilities

Being Reviewed – Please come back soon!

Sheriff "Client" Responsibilities (Attorney / Legal Person)

Being Reviewed – Please come back soon!

Step-by-step Training Videos

Being Reviewed – Please come back soon!

On-site Training (Sheriff Office)

Being Reviewed – Please come back soon!

SARPnet Training Events

Being Reviewed – Please come back soon!

This form is dedicated to any questions you might have, not covered in this FAQ
(for non-sarpnet-clients / pre-registration questions / legal inquiries)

Please note: Once you are a registered “Client” of SARPnet, you will be provided with information on how & where you can lodge a problem, complaint or question (SARPnet Ticketing System). You will also receive access to our dedicated FAQ / step-by-step videos on all the functions / features of SARPnet (OMS), (AMS) and (DC).

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