Registration & Return Management
Registration & Return Management

The SARPnet Platform will guide you through the complete life-cycle of any Case (Process / Legal Document), from Registration to Return and beyond. With our advance search engine you can easily find & review any case. The Platform will even indicate the status of each Case: Completed, With Deputy, Archived (Paid), Cancelled, etc.

Law Firm & Account Management
Law Firm & Accounts Management

The SARPnet Platform will keep track of everything for you. At any give stage you can review any Client’s Account (Law Firm / Attorney / Legal Person), the number of Processes handled for them, each document’s status, their payment history, current outstanding amounts payable and more. This report is available on Complete Firm and on Individual Attorney basis.

Employee Performance Report
Employee Performance Reports

The SARPnet Platform is packed with reports. One of these valuable reports is the ability to monitor & compare the performance of your office administrator(s) (registrations & returns – data capturing) as well as the productivity of your deputy(s) (attempts vs returns vs not done). Easy identify an employee who might need some motivation or additional training.

Free Email Account & Fax2Email

SARPnet (Pty) Ltd. will provide you with 1 (one) Free unlimited email account and will also link your 1 (one) Free fax2email number to that email account. Should you receive any faxes on your number, that “document” will land in your email inbox. No more busy lines, fax paper stock control, etc. Additional Email Accounts & Fax2Email Numbers are available (if so required).

Daily Backup's
Automated Daily Backups

With all the security, compliance and stability already build into the servers as well as the software, you might ask why do we take a daily backup of your data & settings? Well, you can never be too prepared for disaster. * Disgruntled Employees is probably your biggest risk – they might just delete data off your system to hurt you (although that is almost impossible), we have you covered! – The truth … it’s a compliance requirement for service providers.

File Archiving
Digital File Archiving ( 5/7 Years )

Since your Returns are generated on the SARPnet Platform and shared with your Clients, it is the Service Provider’s responsibility to keep & make those documents available for 5 years (Sheriff Compliance) / 7 years (SARPnet Compliance). The SARPnet “Global Search Function” make it easy to find & retrieve any document, in any status – fast. As a backup on the backup SARPnet will also provide you with a CD containing all your Returns (PDF’s), every 4th month (where possible).

Aution Management
Auction Management System

Probably the easiest “one-pager” Auction Management System available. This system enables you to manage and / or print the following: Buyer Deposits, Buyer Invoices, Per Case Vendu Roll(s), Auction Vendu Report(s), Auction Items (Auction Lot No’s), a Refund List, etc. All Auction Data will also be archived for 5/7 years.

Distribution Calculator
Distribution Calculator (+ Preferent)

We know how confusing and complex some calculations can be, especially distribution calculations with more than 1 preference claim. We have spend a lot of time getting this perfect. This calculator is simple to use, but can do very complicated calculations and even print the results.

Online & On-site Training
Training Video's & On-site Training

We are currently spending hours on Step-by-Step Training Videos to enable you & your staff to master the SARPnet Platform, it’s Hidden Secrets, Shortcuts & Special Functions. This can also be used to train new staff in the future without incurring additional expenses. These video’s will be available shortly, all new and current SARPnet clients will receive free DVD’s and or online access. We also offer on-site training for those who need a more personal / focused experience.


Yes, we do offer support to both the Sheriff, the Sheriff’s Assistant(s) and the Legal Institutions. We have various support formats: (1) our Training Video’s, (2) FAQ pages, (3) Online Support Forms and last but not least is (4) the Alexander Graham Bell invention. We are dedicated to make SARPnet the easiest to use & best solution available. Should you have any ideas to make it even better, please submit your intellectual property via this Contact Form.