Dear Sheriff: If your office is doing less than 150 Returns per month, you qualify for “adoption”, SARPnet (Pty) Ltd will provide you with our complete Sheriff Office Management Solution – Free of charge – Apply here!

Office Management Platform

R3/ Return
R3/ Return
  • Free Email AccountYou will receive 1x Free Unlimited Email Account. This will be a email address - with webmail access & comprehensive setup information.
  • Free Fax2Email NumberYou will receive 1x Free Fax2Email Number. This Number will also be linked to your Free SARPnet Email Account. All faxes will arrive in you SARPnet email inbox ... Say goodbye to: fax machines, consumables and busy telephone lines.
  • Registration ManagementAn easy to use one-pager registration process. This is where the magic starts.
  • Return ManagementAn easy to use Return making process. All Service Wording and Fees are pre-loaded and ready to be used. Standardisation - We maintain & update all Fees & Service Wording - as and when so required by law.
  • Law Firm & Attorney ManagementEach Attorney get free access to his own private account where they can view the status / content of their: Registrations, Returns and Financials.
  • Financial Accounts ManagementSARPnet provides you with a detailed Financial Overview / Report. Know exactly how much money has been paid, is payable now, is overdue, who is owing, etc.
  • Automated Daily BackupsSARPnet's automated daily backup system ensure your Return Data, Financial Records, Client Data, PDF Files and Platform Settings are stored in a secure place - should anything happen - we have you covered.
  • Return Archiving (5 Years)It is our responsibility to ensure all your Returns are Archived for 5 years - Compliance. At any given time, you or your client can search and find any previous return - fast.
  • Instant Return SharingReturns are shared with the Attorneys as-and-when they are completed. The Attorney has his own Account / Platform where they can view (and print) the status / content of their Returns (Invoices).
  • Employee Performance ReportsSample: Deputy X was given 50 cases today ... 30(Returns), 10(Attempts) and 10(Not Done) ... Same for Office Admins - Registration & Return Stats.

SARPnet (AMS) "Add-on"
Auction Management System

R99/ Month
R99/ Month
  • Create New Auctions (ULTD)You can create an unlimited amount of Auctions on this system.
  • Add Auction Case(s) (ULTD)You can add an unlimited amount of Cases to any Auction.
  • Add Auction Item(s) / Lot(s) (ULTD)You can add an unlimited amount of Auction Items to any Auction / Auction Case.
  • Link Buyer(s) to Auction (ULTD)There is no need to re-register a buyer for every auction - just link them. Once a buyer is registered with you - they will always use their assigned Buyer No. to buy on your auctions.
  • Assign Item(s) / Lot(s) to BuyerJust link the Auction Item to a Buyer, add the ZAR Value (sold for) and the system will do the rest. You can also Re-assign an Item to another Buyer - no problem.
  • Generate Buyer Invoice (Print)Select Buyer -> Print! The system will calculate everything for you, deduct Registration Deposit, add Vat, etc.
  • Per Case Vendu Roll (Print)Select Case -> Print! The system will generate a comprehensive Case Vendu Roll. Auctioneer Fees are controlled on a per auction Case basis (individually)
  • Per Auction Vendu Report (Print)Select Auction -> Print! The system will generate a comprehensive Auction Vendu Report.
  • Non-Buying-Buyer Deposit Refund ListQuickly print a Deposit Refund list. This is a list of Buyers who paid a registration fee, but did not buy anything on the auction. Buyers who bought something will not be on this list even if they are subject to a refund - see buyer invoice.
  • Auction Archiving (5 Years)All Auctions older than 2 months will automatically be moved to the Archive. They will remain on the system (accessible) for 5 years.

SARPnet (DC) "Add-on"
Distribution Calculator

R49/ Month
R49/ Month
  • Support Preferential ClaimsThe Calculator support Preferential Claims.
  • Support Mixed ClaimsThe Calculator support mixed inputs. Preferential claims and Standard claims can be calculated together.
  • Support Multiple ClaimsThe Calculator currently provides input for 10 claims. Multiple Standard Claims, Multiple Preferential Claims and Multiple Mixed (Standard + Preferential)
  • Refund to Debtor IndicationShould there still be money left after distribution ... the ZAR Value will be indicated.
  • Calculation "Result" PrintableThe calculation "Result" is printable. Please note: no calculations will be stored or archived ... so please print the result - once happy.
  • Awarded "%" Indication
  • Awarded "ZAR" Indication