SARPnet - Sheriff Software to be proud of.

The SARPnet Sheriff Office Management System (Sheriff Software) was developed with direct assistance and input from various departments including but not limited to: Sheriff(s), Sheriff-Assistant(s), Sheriff-Deputy(s), Attorney(s), Attorney-Assistant(s) and Magistrate(s).

Development of the SARPnet Sheriff Software started on 05 Dec 2012 and a basic system was implemented in real Sheriff offices (testing sites) on 01 March 2013. These offices made use of only SARPnet Solutions and assisted us in developing the Platform on a daily basis. As and when something was needed or not functioning correctly, we either fixed it or build it. The 1st Financial Year-End (01 March 2014) really put the platform through its phases and pushed all the limits – A lot was learned and fixed :-) Development was completed on 20 Feb 2015 and the 2nd Financial Year-End (01 March 2015) was effortless – proof enough that we are ready!

Apart from necessary / scheduled server reboots on major upgrades and data recovery tests, the SARPnet Platform has been up and running for more than 2 years with zero unplanned down time and zero data loss. We are extremely proud of the final product and could not thank the involved parties enough for all their support, patience and hard work. We could not have done this without you – Thank you!

Updated: 13 Feb 2020.
“Testing Period” Figures below are subject to date range: 5 Dec 2012 (development started) to 01 March 2015 (testing period ended).
* Only Workdays (Mon – Fri) included. Weekends (Sat & Sun) and Public Holidays – not included.

SARPnet Development

Development Days

* 05 Dec 2012 (start) – 20 Feb 2015 (end)
** 808 Days (Less 115 Sat, 115 Sun & 27 Holidays)

True Development Hours

* An average of 4.5 hours per day
**  Planning, research, preparations & meetings – not incl.

SARPnet - Stability Testing Period

Working Days in Real Environment

* 01 Mar 2013 – 01 Mar 2015 (2 Year Testing Period)
** 731 Days (Less 105 Sat, 105 Sun & 23 Holidays)

Working Hours in Real Environment

* Average of 6.5 hours per day
** 4 Test Offices – 14 Assistants (using only SARPnet)

SARPnet Service Delivery

Financial Accounts Managed

* 4 218 Unique Attorneys
** Some attorneys have more than 1 account
(Sheriff X, Sheriff Y & Sheriff Z)

Returns Generated on SARPnet

221 658 Returns already in archive for 5-7 years (Paid)
4 647 Returns payable or outstanding (less than 3%)