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Frequently asked questions

The SARPnet Platform is a cloud-compute Software-as-a-Service offering, in other words … an online, industry specific (Sheriff of the Court of South Africa), data capturing platform empowering you to manage and run your Sheriffs’ office (over the internet), available 24/7/365 (always on).

In simple terms … the SARPnet software is running on a powerful server and all the computing power required, is provided by that server. Therefore it is needless to say, but have to be mentioned, that there is no per computer software installation required and no special computer hardware requirements to run the SARPnet software in your office.

Since everything is cloud-based and in one place, you instantly benefit from new and or updated functions and features (without having to schedule software update call-outs and risk computer compatibility issues).

SARPnet is backed by a Service Level Agreement with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and automated daily backups of the main software and each and every account individually.

So what do you need to run SARPnet in your office?
In short – An internet connected computer or laptop.  We have done various test and the best results were achieved with the following setup:

  • Computer: PC or Mac with keyboard & mouse (or a Laptop)
  • Screen size: 14″ and upwards
  • Internet Connection: 4G, LTE, or Fiber
  • For multiple computers: Router with Cabled or WiFi network
  • Internet Browser: Firefox / Safari / Chrome (download Firefox for free here)
  • Sheriffs Account with SARPnet (apply here)

The SARPnet Platform is a Software-as-a-Service offering, in other words … We provide you with a Platform on which you enter data which in return make running your office easier and more effective. The content and or data entered into the SARPnet Platform, belongs to the Sheriff of said Appointed Jurisdiction. The Sheriff (of said Appointed Jurisdiction) is in full control of all users, their user roles & rights, and passwords. The Sheriff can revoke access to any user – including attorneys – at any time.

SARPnet will never share any personal information or private data entered into the system with any 3rd Party or unauthorised entity (unless order by court to do so). SARPnet does have access to your account – this however is purely used for testing, support, trouble-shooting and future functionality development purposes. (in other words, should you have any issues – we can access your account to inspect and resolve the issue, and or restore data from backups).

SARPnet has a set (basic) fee, structured on the number of Returns an office generate during a 30 day period (monthly). This is an administration fee to cover general expenses incurred for: billing processes, server & security monitoring, maintenance, banking charges, and other.

There are 3 basic levels being:
@ R199 p/m per office generating less than 250 Returns per month,
*MEDIUM @ R299 p/m per office generating between 250 & 1250 Returns per month (+)
*LARGE @ R399 p/m per office generating between 1250 & 2500 Returns per month (+)

Offices generating less that 250 Return per month (SMALL) will NOT be charged any additional fees, on a per return basis. This is part of our “adopt-a-sheriff” policy to support less profitable office. These office will therefor only pay the basic fee of R199.00 per month to cover our administration costs.

*(+) Both, MEDIUM & LARGE offices will be billed an additional once-off fee of R1.75 per Return generated in said monthly period (30 Days). This fee cover the hosting fee to archive said Return(s) for a 7 year period (available 24/7/365×7 in searchable electronic format). To break it down … R0.02c p/m (based on: 12 months per year, for 7 years, equal 84 months) or (R1.75 divided by 84). There is no online document storing facility is South Africa that will archive your Return online in electronic format at anything close to this price.

Medium Example: say your office generates 750 Returns in the month of January, you will be billed for: the basic fee @ R299 (for Medium) PLUS(+) R1.75 x 750 (R1312.50) = R1611.50 (for period: January). In February you will not pay for these “January” Returns again, you will only be billed for Returns generated in February.

Large Example: say your office generates 1750 Returns in the month of January, you will be billed for: the basic fee @ R399 (for Large) PLUS(+) R1.75 x 1750 (R3062.50) = R3461.50 (for period: January). In February you will not pay for these “January” Returns again, you will only be billed for Returns generated in February.

If you think about it – it should be mind-blowing to realise, all the other services we offer and the benefits you receive are basically free of charge.

Free daily backup of your data, Free email account, Free financial account(s) management, Free auction management, Free distribution calculator, etc.
Unlimited internal office users, unlimited law firm accounts, unlimited attorney accounts.

Consider this, the average (combined) approved fees (Registration fee + Service fee + Travel fee + Email fee + Return fee, etc) for a Magistrates Court Case (simple summons) is in the region of R100.00, in fact we have a 10 year history calculation placing the average Return Value above R175.00 per return. This sets our fee of R1.75 per Return at a less than <1% cost to you. We just can’t be more convincing or cheaper than this.

**We also have a set MAXIMUM price for all offices doing more that 2500 Returns per month.

Maxi Example: say your office generates 3200 Returns in the month of January, you would have been billed for: the basic fee @ R499 (for Maxi) PLUS(+) R1.75 x 3200 (R5600.00) = R6099.00 (for period: January). Our Maximum charge cap is set @ R5000.00, you will never pay more than R5000.00. 

We have various dedicated online training videos available for each “role”: The Sheriff, Sheriff Assistants (Receptionist, Data Capturer/Typists, Finance Department, Office Head, Auctioneer, etc), as well as Attorney and or Law Firm personnel. You can follow the training videos in your own time, available online 24/7/365.

The video’s are packaged/presented in an online course format,  this is to guide you through the videos and track your progress. We will even provide you with a Certificate of Completion at the end. As the Sheriff is the Main KeyMaster with full Access Control – it is expected of you to understand the software, to ensure you limit the risks of internal fraud (as it does exist). We suggest your office staff complete the training course and obtain and provide you with the Certificate of Completion to proof they understand the system – to get the best results, minimise mistakes and or double work.

You will be provided with a link to the training videos/course once your account is approved and activated.

Your account can be activated in less than a day. In order to ensure we do not provide software and or accounts to illegitimate role players, we will need the following information and or documentation from you – this will be used to verify your legitimacy/appointment. Once you have these documents ready, you can start the registration process by completing this registration form (you will be prompt to upload/supply the documents listed below):

Documents to be provided/uploaded during registration: (*PDF Format)
– Copy of your ID (does not need to be certified).
– Proof of Office Address (rental contract, utility bill, anything proofing your registered office address).
– Appointment Letter – it should specify: Jurisdiction, Magistrates Court, Higher Court or Both H&L Courts – as well as Permanent, Acting or Ad-Hoc.
– Copy of Fidelity Fund Certificate (not required for newly appointed Sheriffs).

Information that will be required/collected during registration:
– Jurisdiction “Service Area” Breakdown (Suburb / Service Area List).
– Contact Details – Sheriff (for private internal SARPnet use – mobile number & email address will be used for account activation purposes).
– Contact Details – Office Telephone Number (fax2email number & SARPnet email address will be provided).
– VAT Number (if registered – we support both, Non-VAT and VAT Accounts)- please specify.
– Average Number of Return your office will/might generate in a 30 day period (month).

Note: If you are appointed to more than one Jurisdiction, a registration form must be completed for each appointed Jurisdiction.
This will enable us and you to keep the financial accounts of each office separated from one another.
For example: You may be appointed as the Sheriff of XYZ, but also “Acting” Sheriff of ABC & DEF – each appointed Jurisdiction must have it’s own registration form (even if they are operated from the same physical office address) – The Return of Service “wording” is subject to this legality.